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Live Set Apart!™️ Promise Journal
for Women
Live Set Apart!™️ Promise Journal
for Men
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About the
Live Set Apart!™️ Promise Journal

The Live Set Apart!™ Promise Journal is a Bible Study companion designed to help you keep a record of God’s promises to you from His Word. It includes reflection pages to note manifested promises you have experienced and express gratitude. There are also sections to note prophetic words spoken over your life and promises specifically related to your Health, Family, Finances, Relationships, and Dreams. 

Created by Valerie Kote-Tawia, a writer, podcaster, and inspirational speaker, the Live Set Apart!™ Promise Journal is a dynamic encouragement tool that every believer should have!


Using the Live Set Apart!™ Promise Journal makes it easier to focus on God’s promises and not your problems. Record and meditate on what God has promised in His Word and use those promises to fuel your faith, hope, and prayers!


In moments of doubt, discouragement, fear, anxiety, sadness, loneliness, confusion, or despair, choose to stand on God’s promises and be encouraged!

All About the Promise Journal
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Promise Journal
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0:49 The Idea

1:57 Journal Description

4:14 How to use it

6:11 Who to buy it for

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8:25 The blessing over YOUR life


“I love it. First it inspires you to read the Bible then journal your thoughts and keep a record. Absolutely love it.”

Feliciano L., Valdosta, GA

“This Promise Journal is an amazing guide to help me focus more on God's Word and promises that He has declared over my life.”

Pamela B., Douglasville, GA

“This journal is not about jotting down my issues of the day but about remembering Who gave me this day, and Who can and will turn whatever it is around for His glory.”

Delois S., Atlanta, GA

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